Dawson College Illustration & Design 2012

Massimo Barbieri Woo Ri Bong Tara Bouharevich Jana Chagnon Erin Cox Laura Czornobaj Mélina Doyon Emily Gauthier Andrew Goudreau Naomie Hadida Valérie Jahchan Hasan Khan Sonia Kharchi Lauren Kleiderman Xin Ran Liu Alicia Marulanda Alessandro Mastandrea Shawn McMullen Mélissa Monderie Gervais Isabelle Nadeau Rivard Vincent Nantel Jennifer Noble-Landry Jeremy Pilote-Byrne Pascal Xavier Poirier Stephen Robusto Louis Sciannamblo Élisabeth Simard Shawn Smith Chloé Szemes Melissa Waldron Paul Yates

Vernissage & Exhibition

About the Programme

Illustration and Design is a three-year technical program that trains students to work as professional illustrators and designers. It concentrates on the development of illustration techniques and visual concepts in distinct areas such as advertising, editorial, animation and technical illustration. Students make use of state-of-the-art digital technology as well as traditional approaches. Dawson College is the only Anglophone College in Quebec that offers the Illustration and Design program.


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